”Texans for Sharks” New Chapter Launched to Support Texas Shark Fin Legislation.

Help us save the oceans by protecting these important predators!

Sharks are in trouble. For 400 million years sharks have protected our ocean ecosystem. But many species are threatened with extinction within our lifetime. Shark fin traders may kill as many as 8000 sharks per hour. Global attitudes are rapidly shifting in favor of sharks. What can Texans do?  We can ban the sale and consumption of shark fins in our state. Join our grassroots campaign to spread the word!

Hawaii, California, Oregon and Washington have already done it and we can, too! WHY?

#1 Sharks are at risk
According to scientists, at least 107 species of sharks worldwide have had population sizes  so  dramatically  reduced  they  warrant  international  concern.  When  shark populations are destroyed, the overall health of ocean ecosystems decline.

#2 The shark fin trade is destructive
Like elephant ivory, rhino horn, bear paws, and other rare or exotic animal parts, shark fin is sold for astronomical sums as a status symbol. The shark fin trade drives mass slaughter, poaching, inhumane practices, and crime. Shark fin sells for up to 250 times the value of shark steaks and other body parts. This economic distortion means that most sharks are “finned” at sea or on the docks and their bodies left to rot.

#3 Texas supports the problem…and the solution
Though Texas ended its participation in the ivory, rhino horn, and bear paw trades, our state has not yet banned shark fin trading. Even worse, Texas is a key facilitator for the international fin trade. In addition to selling fins here, traders use our ports and borders to traffic fins from all over the world to countries in Asia and elsewhere.  Measures in Hawaii, California, Washington, and Oregon passed with near-unanimous bipartisan support after voters called upon policymakers to shut down the trade.  Let’s join them."

Together we can make a difference! We’ve formed a new Texas chapter of SharkStewards, a nationally-recognized non-profit for ocean advocacy. Join our Facebook page Shark Stewards Texas Chapter  and sign our petition.

Contact chapter chair Anna Clark at anna@earthpeopleco.com.

Shark  Stewards  is  a  program  of  Sea  Stewards,  a  501c3  non-profit  dedicated  to conserving our oceans through the protection of sharks.  Visit  www.sharkstewards.org for information and videos from experts."