Research Partners

Community Partners

  • The Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary
  • The San Francisco Aquarium of the Bay
  • The Watershed Project
  • The Surfrider Foundation
  • Bay Keepers

Outreach Partner

Ocean Revolution  Involve Solve Evolve

With our close friend and colleague Dr. Wallace “J” Nichols, we believe that reaching youth and inspiring the public about the beauty and love of the ocean and ocean life is instrumental in changing minds. Our outreach partner Ocean Revolution was created so youth can evolve. OR links young people from all over the world in a network of information sharing and mentoring and links environmental action to their computers. It makes the resources of science, education and politics available so that these emerging leaders can guide us through the next 50 years of our relationship with the planet’s oceans. It puts committed young people in charge of finding their own style and of determining the structure, pace and level of involvement of their friends and the rest of their generation in creating a more sustainable relationship

Communication Partners

  • The California Oceans Communication Alliances
  • The Northern California Science Communicators Association

Youth Partners

Tiburon Against Shark Killing


Sea Stewards teamed up with young shark lovers and appealed to the Tiburon Town Council to proclaim the City- named after the sharks- to be the first city in the world Fin Free, and Condemn Shark Finning – and the kids succeeded!
From The Tiburon ARK

Andrei Dolezal and fellow Shark lovers. Responding to concerns for sharks by local youth, the Leadership of the town named after the shark, has passed a resolution in favor of sharks and shark conservation. Sharks are in trouble: this is what Tiburon 5th grader Andrei Dolezal learned after watching footage of sharks being killed in a documentary film Sharks: Stewards of the Reef produced by local filmmakers Trillium Films. “Sharks are being killed world wide and no-one seems to care.” The young Dolezal announced before the Mayor and Town Council. Inspired by the message that sharks are important to the ocean, and that millions are being killed for their fins alone, the middle school student formed a group of fellow shark lovers he calls TASK: Tiburon Against Shark Killing.

Supported by Sausalito filmmaker and shark advocate David McGuire, the youth formed a petition urging their town leaders to support the town symbol and take action to protect sharks before it is too late. “We need sharks for a healthy ocean.” The 5th grader asserts. McGuire, who produced the 30 minute documentary adds, “Some shark populations have been hunted to a mere percentage of the original population. The Great White Sharks that live off the Farallon Islands are an endangered species and are protected locally, yet when they cross international lines they are vulnerable to longline fishers. These splendid animals and scores of other species are being targeted for their fins, or by shark fisheries. The increased pressure driven by a growing demand for the delicacy shark fin soup is causing shark populations to plummet.”

Motivated by images of sharks in the wild, including the local species like Leopard Sharks of the San Francisco Bay, the Tiburon students lead by the 12 year old submitted a petition requesting the town leadership to speak out in support of sharks and to condemn the practice of shark finning, banning the dish that motivates killing sharks solely for the fins. “Tiburon, the Town named after sharks is now Fin Free!” claims a beaming Andrei. “This is the first town in the world to publicly proclaim that sharks are important, and to condemn the practice of finning.”