Celebrating Ocean Life 2011

Celebrating  Sharks & Ocean Health 
 I am grateful for our work with sharks and the ocean  victories we have achieved in 2011. After a five year battle initiated in the town of Tiburon (Spanish for shark) Sea Stewards and a coalition of ocean champions banned the sale and trade of shark fin in the entire state of California. What started with a documentary Sharks: Stewards of the Reef we made with our friends at Trillium filmswhere we documented brutally finned sharks and rails lined with drying fins – ended in increasing protection and appreciation of sharks here at home and across the globe.


The movement continues, and none too soon. By passing AB 376 we have stopped approximately 7 tons of fins coming into our ports. With Oregon, Washington and Hawaii, we are closing N. Pacific ports to the illegal trade of finned sharks. Pacific Island nations like Guam, the Marshall Islands, the FSM and Palau have declared shark sanctuaries with no shark killing. Yet still tens of millions of sharks are killed each year for their fins.  

Fully one third of oceanic shark species are threatened with extinction and the finning continues.  We must work hard to save the apex predators that keep the ocean healthy and wild.


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will support our work on the ground, in the halls of Government and in the water.  

With our partners Team Fish Finders lead by master fisherman Steve Shirley, we have tagged another 75 Sevengill sharks in the San Francisco Bay. The return information is providing invaluable data to help better understand and protect these enigmatic apex predators.  Next year we hope to use satellite tags to better understand movements. 

This year we were voted a Hero of Marin Award for Environmental Stewardship for our work in ocean conservation by the Pacific Sun and supported by Circle Bank.  Thanks Marin!  


The 3rd annual Sharktoberfest celebrations and our Shark Stewards Program reached over 6000 people with 38 outreach events from films to lectures to parties including several White Shark  & wildlife trips to the Farallon Islands.   

This year we have made major steps towards the San Francisco Shark Sanctuary to protect sharks and ecosystems in the Bay.Sanctuary

Thanks to our supporter Lori Grace, we are building stakeholders for this pioneering San Francisco conservation area protecting sharks and the marine ecosystem of Paradise Cove Tiburon. Watch our events page for our next Save the Bay, Save the Oceans meeting January 26.  


You can help by joining  Sea Stewards by volunteering, participating or supporting sharks and sustainability in the San Francisco Bay and in the world ocean.

Watch for next year's Sharktoberfest, a Shark Tagging Derby on the Bay, the development of the Shark Sanctuary Program and supporting forage fish. 

Please join our cause and help support the future of sharks and the San Francisco Bay and world ocean.   


Thanks for your Support!


David McGuire, Director

Sea Stewards 

Sea Stewards Partners with the Turtle Island Restoration Network

 On top of our victory for sharks in California and elsewhere,   

Sea Stewards will be working with TIRN directing the GotMercury.org program protecting fish and public health and sharks through the Shark Stewards program.

Turtle Island Restoration Network is a nonprofit environmental organization based in Marin County, California. Turtle Island carries out these initiatives: the Sea Turtle Restoration Project,  the Got Mercury Campaign and the the Salmon Protection and Watershed Network.Tirn logo

We will continue Sea Stewards work and with the TIRN team, we will achieve even greater success for ocean protection.

Please SUPPORT this  important work saving sea turtles, sharks, salmon and maintaining ocean and human health and sustainability.  

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 San Francisco Shark Sanctuary

Hero of Marin Award

Sea Stewards Healthy Oceans Initiative  is a Project of the Ocean Foundation

The Oceans Need Your Help! 
As a grassroots organization we have been extremely successful in our conservation efforts. However, in these economic times we are all struggling to support our work.
Much of our campaign work has been supported by small grants from the Threshold Foundation and the Rose Foundation and by individual donations by supporters like you.

Your contributions will help us continue towards a national campaign and increase local shark, fish and ecosystem protections.

This year our video work has taken second place to sharks, but we hope to complete our film on ocean sustainability in 2012.

Sea Stewards, Media for a Healthy Ocean
Sea Stewards, Media for a Healthy Ocean

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