Marine Stock Footage

We have a large catalogue of HD video of sharks, sea turtles and other marine wildlife. We are also available for underwater and on the water field shoots in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our work has been featured in the Smithsonian museum, the California Academy of Sciences, the California Museum of Natural History on Discovery Channel and Broadcast Television.  Contact us for information and our rate sheet.

Visit our You Tube and Vimeo Channels for a Large Selection of our Videos

Shark Fight- Sea Stewards featured on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week

Chinese Speak Out for Sharks

Marine Noise in the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary

Trailer from the Film A Sheltered Sea- The Journey of the Marine Life Protected Act  With the Baum Foundation and Coyote Films

 Winner 2010 National Environmental Journalist Award  Sea Horse Sleuth with KQED

Freedom to Roam: the Canada Lynx with Patagonia by Dr. Healy Hamilton

Sea Stewards and Sea Shepherds, with Paul Watson

Grey Whales & Sea Turtle Conservation In Baja  with Dr. J Nicholls

Saving America’s National Marine Monuments with MCBI and Sylvia Earle

Wear Blue Across the Nation

Richard Charter Ocean Hero

Wear Blue San Francisco for a National Ocean Policy

Team Fishfinders Shark Tagging 

City of the Shark Trailer

Marine Noise in the National Marine Sanctuary

The Blue Vision Summit: Working For a National Ocean Policy