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Press Releases

CA White Sharks Given Additional Protection Following CESA Consideration

Historic Illinois Legislation Protects Sharks

Shark Stewards Launches Shark Protection Campaign in Texas

Shark Stewards Launches Shark Protection Campaign in Chicago

Illinois State Senator Champions Shark Fin Bill with Support from Shark Stewards


Mercury News April 16, Pacifica Citywide Earth Day Takes a Bite Out of Litter, Honors Shark Steward David McGuire

 Pacifica News April 14, Shark conservationist David McGuire addresses Earth Day Festival

David McGuire Featured Guest Radio Free Rescue  March 18

Wavelengths TV with David McGuire and  Ian Butler on Sharks

Shark Attack in Monterey CBS News

State Commission Approves Great White Shark Endangered Listing Candidacy; Year long Review to Begin

Court Upholds CA State Shark Fin Ban  Pacific Sun

Federal Ruling Deflates Opponents to CA Shark Fin Ban  NY Daily News


Surfer Attacked by Great White Shark. Live Interview Channel 7 KGO

Fish Testing Reveals High Mercury in LA Commercially Bought Fish NBC 4 News 10/20/12

Asian Appetite for Shark Fin Soup Destroying an Apex Predator Travel Culture Magazine

Swim for the Sharks KTVU Television Report 10/19/12

Swimming For the Sharks, Marina Times (cover story on our event, October 19, 2012)

Forum Interview: White Sharks and the Endangered Species Act

NBC TV Live Channel 11 Shark Researcher David McGuire Talks About Recent Shark Sightings Off California and Attacks in Australia

USA Today: Shark-Fin Bans Gain Steam along Coasts

Washington Post: Shark Fin Ban Gathers Steam in Maryland and Beyond

NRDC Switchboard: Fin Bans in New York and Illinois Would Protect Sharks and Public Health

Safe Harbor News: Interview with David McGuire

Yahoo Voices: Profile of David McGuire

American Cetacean Society: David McGuire, MPH, Director & Founder Sea Stewards

SF Gate Shark Stewards Launches FIN-Free Toolkit to Protect Apex Predators

Sharks and Shark Travels Live Radio with Vicki Leeds on KWMR Radio

Sharks and Sanctuaries, Live KALW Radio Interview with Sea Stewards Director David McGuire

Shark Fin Soup is Not Racist  Editorial SF Gate

Sea Stewards Awards Assemblyman Paul Fong for Championing Sharks  Capitol Weekly

Governor Brown Signs Huffman’s Bill Banning Shark Fin Trade Marin Independent Journal

One of the Worst Meals You Can Possibly Eat Has Just Been Banned in California  Food by Casson Trenor

Heroes of Marin: David McGuire and Sea Stewards (Environmental Stewardship)  Pacific Sun

ABC Story in Philippines with the California Academy of Sciences, part of a seven part series shot by David McGuire

Its Sharktober SF Gate  October 2011

Reefs to Rainforest A full length documentary Fielf Produced and filmed by David McGuire for KGO Channel 7 San Francisco

Live Interview on Environment Radio San Diego KCBQ

Review of Demon Fish in the San Francisco Chronicle

Interview on Sevengills Sharks Yahoo Profile

Toothy Charisma and More at SF Ocean Film Festival  Bay Nature

Proposal to ban shark fins in California heats up  SF Press

Saving Sharks From the Soup  LA Times

Pass Ban on Shark Fins, Stop the Slaughter  SF Chronicle

Marin at Forefront of Effort to Stop Shark Finning  Marin IJ

KALW Interview  San Franciscans Working to Reduce Shark Slaughter

Bay Nature, Saving the Bay’s Sharks 

The Sharks of San Francisco Bay, Bay Crossings October, 2010

Shark Finning Video with Sea Stewards Director David McGuire and Paul Watson by

Nautica Oceans 2 Oceans [youtube][/youtube]

Its Sharktober KQED Quest

Toothy Predators and More at San Francisco Ocean Film Festival

For the Love of Sharks  A filmmaker works in behalf of these amazing predators   Coast & Ocean Vol.25

The Mysterious Sharks of San Francico Bay, ABC News

2010 Press on Sea Stewards

City of the Shark Swims into the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival City of the Shark Explores San Francisco Bay’s Denizens of the Deep Reuters NewsSharks of the San Francisco Bay, Bay Crossings 10/2010
Marin Independent Journal Marin snapshot: Videographer specializes in high-definition underwater photography
San Francisco Chronicle Ocean Drama This Weekend
ABC’s View from the Bay Features
News Feature City of the Shark
San Francisco Examiner Jan. 25 Filmmaker Shows Off Sharks
ABC Live News January 20, 3-Minute Interview
San Francisco Chronicle New-Flick-Takes-Bite-Out-of-Bay-Shark-Mystery.
NBC 6pm Newscast, January 23
KRON 4 News Weekend (live, in-studio interview aired at 8:20am on January 25)
KTVU Mornings on 2 segment (live from AOTB interview aired at 8:45am on January 28); also aired during the evening news.
KGO radio interview (live, in-studio interview aired at 4:45pm on January 28)
KFOG Morning Show January 28 Live Show with Singer/Narrator
Mike Gibbons