Healthy Oceans Initiative

Sea Stewards Healthy Oceans Initiative integrates three core components advocating ocean health.


Sea Stewards is partnering with local fishermen of Team Fishfinders and the California Academy of Sciences in a long term San Francisco Bay shark study.  Continuing with tagging work in 2008 with the San Francisco Aquarium of the Bay, our team is marking and recapturing sevengill sharks (Notorhynchus cepediana) in the San Francisco Bay to determine growth, movements and population demographics of these enigmatic sharks.

In a new study, we are studying Leopard Sharks (Triakis semifaciatus) in five locations of the bay to determine demographics, growth, site fidelity and population genetics.  Go to our research page for preliminary results and citations.


Education programs include public lectures, school events and working with non profits to develop shark-ecosystem based classroom and field experiences.


Conservation of sharks and ocean ecosystems are at the core of our film production, advocacy program like Shark Sanctuary San Francisco and education outreach.