Its all about the Ocean.

We depend on the ocean for our food, the air we breath, our commerce, the weather and the future. Through our work, Sea Stewards celebrates the wonder of the Sea and generates awareness on the threats facing ocean life, and how we can protect ocean life.

We are causing serious harm to our world ocean and ocean life.  We must act now to reverse the tide of degradation.

Our Conservation Programs

  • Shark Conservation

  • Sustainable Fisheries

  • Sustainable Seafood Consumption

  • Marine Protection and San Francisco Bay Restoration

  • Ocean Policy

Why Care About Sharks?

Sharks are essential members of a healthy ocean community. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that overfishing sharks are damaging both marine fisheries and marine ecosystems. Sharks that are protected in our local waters, like the Great White Sharks that visit the Farallones Islands outside the San Francisco Bay are being killed on the high seas by ocean longliners as bycatch, and even for shark fins.

The Leopard shark, the Sea Steward symbol, has lost significant habitat in the San Francisco Bay, and is increasingly being targeted by recreational fisheries. Sharks are a symbol that we are overfishing the ocean without regard to balance or sustainability. Sea Stewards produces media capturing live images to demonstrate the beauty of living sharks. Through Film, Activism and Advocacy, Sea Stewards is striving for a sane balance in our Oceans for healthy oceans and healthy humans. Support Our Healthy Ocean Initiative and Become a Shark Steward.

Support Restaurants like Benu in San Francisco who are devleoping healthy alternatives to shark fin.  All the flavor and texture without the fin.

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