Shark Education and Activities

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Shark Pledge Bookmark

Educational Resources from the Shark Trust –   

K-3 Shark Curriculum –

4-8 Shark Curriculum –

Enchanted Learning: Sharks in the Classroom –


Make a Shark Headdress: Grade K-1 –

My Shark Book: Grade 2 & up –

Robo Shark: Grade 4-8 –

Shark School of Art: Grade 4-8 –

Find the Main Idea Sharks: Grade 5 –

Sharks in Decline Activity: Grade 6-9 –

Shark Facts –

Label and Color the Great White –

Great White Life Cycle –

Books & Cards

Critter Cards: Sharks and Rays –

Shark Info. Book –

Online Resources

Shark Surfari Game Quiz –

General Shark Info –

Nova Island of the Sharks –

Shark School –


Shark Attack? Swim for Sharks –!

Sharkwater –

Coloring Pages

Great White –

Whale Shark –

White Tip Shark –

Thresher Shark –

Hammerhead Shark –

A Sea of Sharks –

Sharks & Rays of Monterey Bay –


How Can We Help Save Sharks?

Call to Actions

Shark Stewards –

Shark Stanley: Like Flat Stanley, Take a Photo with him and Post it to Save Sharks

Petition to Ban Shark Fin Trade in the US –

Kids Taking Action to Save Sharks –

101 Things You Can Do To Save Sharks –

Saving Sharks –

Plastic Pollution Prevention Educational Resources 
Useful tools and information to help communities make a positive impact on their local beaches.
Great list of frequently asked questions about marine debris.
Includes great information on what you can do to prevent litter.
Good information on plastic pollution reduction in the world’s oceans.
Practical solutions to environmental issues, including the “Find Recycling Centers” guide.