Save Oceans and Seas= SOS

The oceans are filling up with plastic. Running down our rivers, blown from our streets, spewing from our storm drains, this plastic is entering the food chain and killing wildlife from sea turtles to sharks.

SOS takes plastic trash from the beach and transforms it into art, and symbolizing the river of plastic pollution entering our oceans and into our wildlife.

Artist Claudio Garzon is taking inner city LA youth, exposing them to the ocean for the first time and making art inspired by marine life from sea turtles to sharks.

His creativity combines color, form and the idiosyncracies of the plastic that finds its way to the sea. By removing the plastic before it enters the ocean and the marine food chain he is saving sea life. Exposing youth and the world to this vast and various plastic pollution on our seashore, Garzon demonstrates how bad the problem is, and inspires us to reduce our plastic use and stop plastic polllution from reaching the oceans.

You can support this work and Claudio’s by donating or purchasing his art. Find him on Facebook.

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