Adopt a Tagged Shark

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With our partners the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the California Academy of Sciences, Sea Stewards is conducting a mark and recapture, and population study of several species of sharks in the San Francisco Bay.

While many of these sharks are being caught locally, Tag returns have indicated the Sevengill sharks tagged in the Bay are ranging into international waters, and entering fisheries as bycatch. Movement patterns and protecting pupping regions in the Bay will help us to better protect our shark populations.

Why Tag sharks? Our work gives information on movements, growth, population and fishing impacts and helps lead to protection of these important marine predators.

Why Protect sharks? Sharks are beneficial to ocean health.  Protecting sharks protects ecosystems, fish populations and ultimately, humans.

San Francisco Shark Sanctuary Many regions in the world are realizing sharks are worth more alive than dead, both to their local economy and the marine ecosystem. As apex predators. sharks like the Sevengill shark are important for the structure and balance of the marine ecosystem.

The San Francisco Shark Sanctuary is a program based on the best available science to determine where and when our local sharks need protection. Currently there are no seasonal protections and catch limits for most sharks and many catch limits are based on very little population information. Preliminary findings indicate large female sharks are being removed from the local population during the breeding season. The goal of the SFSS is to define regions in the San Francisco best suited both for habitat and protection of marine species, starting with sharks.

Shark Stewards- Save a Shark!  Shark Stewards helps protect sharks by reducing shark landings, educating consumers on the risks of mercury toxicity by shark consumption, and a campaign to persuade marinas to deter or prohibit shark landings. Businesses who participate in the Shark Stewards Program will receive the Shark Steward sea of approval and will be promoted in our campaign.

By donating to the Save a Shark Program you are supporting our shark research & conservation efforts and helping establish a protection of the shark nurseries and mature female sharks.

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