Protecting Sharks & Ocean Health in 2012


Sea Stewards Protecting Sharks and all Ocean Life
December, 2011
Dear Shark Steward, 

Thanks to your support 2011 has been a good year for sharks. 


  • The sale of shark fins was prohibited in Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Guam and finally in California where we have worked on banning fin sales over the past 5 years.
  • Toronto and four other Canadian cities have passed similar bans and now there is a federal Canadian Bill.  
  • The Honduras, Bahamas, the Marshall Islands, Guam and Palau have all created shark sanctuaries prohibiting the killing of sharks.
  • Chile and Taiwan have joined banning shark finning in its waters and there is new pressure for other nations to ban this unsustainable practice. 

But sharks need your help. We are losing sharks at a far more rapid rate than we can protect them.


Beautiful, powerful and consummately adapted to life in the ocean, sharks are the Sea Stewards symbol for Ocean Health.  

Without apex predators like sharks, ocean ecosystems and even fish populations are becoming unhealthy.

Lets put the health back into the ocean.  

In addition to shark advocacy, our work includes scientific research on sharks and applying ecosystem and fisheries assessment towards ocean conservation.

With your support in 2012 we will continue to build our efforts protecting sharks.   


If you love the ocean as we do, then please help us protect sharks, and all ocean life. 


With our new partnership with the Turtle Island Restoration Network we will continue protecting sharks and other endangered marine life and ecosystems.


Follow our Healthy Oceans campaign protecting sharks and marine habitat in the San Francisco Bay and in international waters.





David McGuire, Director
Sea Stewards


Protecting Sharks at Home and Abroad  

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pupped in the San Francisco Bay, campaigning in Texas, Florida and abroad, and with our new campaigns in 2012.

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Sea Stewards, for a Healthy Ocean

Thank you for your love of sharks and all ocean life. Your support keeps us working hard to protect the health and balance to our oceans.

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