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The San Francisco Shark Sanctuary is a multi- tiered program protecting sharks, people and the health of the San Francisco Bay.  This program includes our long term shark study, an evaluation of shark catch on the Bay, and our shark education  and media outreach.

We know that the San Francisco Bay is an important nursery for several species of sharks. Many of these sharks are resident, while some tagged sharks have traveled a thousand miles to end up as bycatch.
By understanding and protecting  sharks locally we are supporting the health of the Bay ecosystem, and the adjoining waters outside the Bay.
With our  fishermen partners TFF, we are promoting a catch and release program for sharks in the Bay.

New to the Sanctuary initiative is the Shark Free Marina – a voluntary program for marinas to deter shark landings.
We are also producing a film on local fishermen and their efforts to protect sharks. Learn more about this film and the funding campaign on kickstarter.
Watch for this film in 2012 and a pilot documentary 2XSea, a story of sustainable fisheries, and fish from the fisherman to the plate.

Give the Gift of the Ocean.
We are proud to be part of The Ocean Registry.  Name a place on the San Francisco Bay, and leave a message for someone you love and 50% goes to the Shark program.


Or you can become a Shark Steward and receive a  shark T-shirt, DVD and other cool gifts.

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Dear David,

Sea Stewards is dedicated to the health of the San Francisco Bay and all ocean life.  As a declining icon, sharks are our symbol of sustainability and for protecting our oceans. We have had a busy year including sponsoring legislation to protect sharks, studying sharks on the San Francisco Bay, reaching out with our Shark Stewards program and building new partnerships with aquaria, museums and other non profits. The second annual Sharktoberfest reached thousands at the California Academy of Sciences, with the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, the Marine Science Institute, San Francisco Bay Whalewatch Tours, and the Tiburon-Angel island Ferry.
We launched our Shark Sanctuary San Francisco initiative to protect the health of sharks, humans and the San Francisco Bay.  The shark fin ban legislation in San Francisco
is under consideration by the Supervisors. Most important, we are a growing movement of shark and ocean lovers that include volunteers, donors & supporters, most notably our volunteer shark fishermen of Team Fish Finders.
On the media production side we have produced web videos with Wired, the Marine Biology Conservation Institute, Blue Frontier and had a special screening of the Patagonia feature film 180 South at the Blue Ocean Film festival. Sea Stewards is funded primarily through our media production.
Please consider us for your video story or web video needs.

As a project of The Ocean Foundation, donations supporting our Healthy Oceans program are tax deductible. Please read on and learn how you can support sharks, our shark research and healthy oceans. 

  Shark Tagging Program
 TFFWith our fishermen partners Team Fish Finders,(TFF)  we have tagged over 200 local sharks in the past 3 years, including 70 Sevengill sharks this year. With the California Academy of Sciences and with the Montery Bay Aquarium, our research program is assessing the population and dynamics of San Francisco Bay sharks. This year we recaptured sharks from two years ago, and had sharks captured as bycatch off Monterey, and caught by recreational fishermen in the Bay. Next year we are adding two species to the study.  Follow the research results including a populations genetics study on our site. This program lead by master fisherman Steve Shirley is all volunteer, and is donor supported with minor grants from our research partners.
To support the Shark Tagging program click here.
Along the way we have captured some gret shark footage and fishing stories. This is being edited into a new shark documentary The San Francisco Shark Hunter. Watch for developments in 2011 and how you can name a shark, and win a shark tagging trip.


  The Shark Fin Ban
logoSea Stewards is leading the effort to regulate the sale of unsustainable shark fin products. This year we have collected thousands of signatures and sent hundreds of letters to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to ban unsustainable shark fin products. We have several supervisors interested in this legislation and over twenty groups have signed on. 
Following the passage of S.850 in Hawaii banning fins in the entire state of Hawaii, Sea Stewards is part of a team introducing similar legislation for the State of California.  Championed by Assemblyman Jared Huffman, this bill is currently under review for submission to committee. Lobbyists including the  Humane Society US are advising on the best approach to take to implement this law and whether we lead locally or take it to the entire state.

Follow the Shark Fin Campaign


Shark Stewards: Celebrating Sharks
Shark Stewards is an outreach program designed to educate, celebrate and motivate appreciation and protection for sharks. This program takes our movies and message into schools, museums and libraries. This includes a good party!
The Sharktoberfest celebration reached out with over nine events in October from a beerfest to Farallones Tours to the Bay cruise party. I lead several trips out to the Farallones with San Francisco Bay Whale Watch Tours where we saw Blue Whales, Humpbacks and talked about White sharks.  Last year's Shark Steward Award recipient JIM TOOMEY awarded volunteer of the year Vicky Vasquez, and the youth award went to Andrei Dolezal.  Andre is the young man who lead the Tiburon against shark killing effort and we achieved an official proclamation against shark finning by the mayor.  Join us  for the third annual Sharktoberfest next October to celebrate future champions.
Thanks to all our partners and sponsors and donors including the Tiburon Angel Island Ferry, FISH and Sierra Nevada.  Most of all, thanks to principle Shark Stewards  Lisa Beck, Chris Winn, Deb Castallena, Caitlan Ryan, Vicky Vasquez and many others.  Become a Shark Steward and celebrate sharks.
Sharks are symbols of ocean health.  We depend upon healthy sharks for a healthy ocean and San Francisco Bay. Will we let our oceans die?  Sea Stewards is a volunteer, grant and donation supported program. Please help us by volunteering, sharing the Shark Sanctuary Programs or supporting our initiative by tax deductible donation. 

For a healthy ocean,

David McGuire MPH
Director,  Sea Stewards

Sea Stewards is a project of The Ocean Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non profit.  Donations can be made online or by check to The Ocean Foundation, Sea Stewards Project.