Surviving the Shark- A Shark Survivor’s Tale

Surviving the Shark - Book Cover _ Final_2In Surviving the Shark, Jonathan Kathrein describes his incredible shark attack experience. The book covers all aspects of Kathrein’s survival, beginning with the eerie moments just before the attack, when something smashes into Kathrein’s hand as he paddles on his board, waiting for a wave off Stinson Beach in northern California. Realizing it is probably shark, and possibly a great white, Kathrein tries to paddle away, furiously trying to make it toward shore, where he sees some of his friends on the beach. But it is too late, as the great white returns, slams into him, then grabs his leg and pulls him underwater, thrashing him back and forth, trying to rip his leg off. How Kathrein is able to escape and make his way to shore, despite his horrific wounds, is nothing short of amazing. But that’s just the beginning, as he now faces months of physical and mental rehabilitation, all the while dealing with the constant media attention that the attack has generated. Gradually, with the help of his family and friends, Kathrein makes a recovery. Today, Kathrein gives lectures on shark conservation, as well as on such topics as avoiding shark attacks when you’re in the water. In this book, he not only writes of his ordeal, but also delves into shark behavior, and explains his desire to spread shark awareness. There is also an underlying theme of tremendous familial love and Kathrein’s extreme fervor for life.

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“When you think there’s a shark, you swim with all your might and hope you can make it to shore before the shark comes back for you. But the shark is a faster swimmer and it uses camouflage to its advantage in the dark water. It attacks from below and behind, using sophisticated senses to locate its prey. The element of surprise is terrifying. You first sense the shark as it moves below you, displacing large volumes of water. You feel a surge. Then the water ripples, and the surface breaks. The hit is overwhelming. It slams into you full force and you feel the massive power and speed. When the teeth of a great white shark sink into your flesh, you know immediately what’s happening.”

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