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Past World Ocean Day Events Shark Stewards

World Oceans Day Marin with the Mt Tamalpais Ocean Conservation Club    2013 Keeping Sausalito Salty  Low Tide Club, Sausalito CA 2012 World Oceans Day, June 8 at Fish Restaurant, Sausalito. Celebrate Sharks and the Oceans with Congressman Jared Huffman. Lets recognize the other 71% of the planet: The Oceans! Sponsored by Circle Bank and … Continue reading Past World Ocean Day Events Shark Stewards

Sharktober 2015 Events

Sharktober and Sharktoberfest- Shark Steward’s Annual Celebration of the Shark  We are celebrating the return of the white sharks to our sanctuary after their annual migration, and all sharks in the San Francisco Bay and world ocean. Join us celebrating and motivating our community to save sharks!  What is Sharktober?  Sharks need our help. Learn … Continue reading Sharktober 2015 Events

Sharktober 2016- Events

Shark Stewards Sharktober: Education, Science and Conservation Join Shark Stewards in our eighth year of celebrating sharks and educating the public on the need to save them. Sharktober celebrates the return of the large white sharks following some 5000 miles of migration, back into our Sanctuary. It also motivates increased protection for sharks and the … Continue reading Sharktober 2016- Events