AB 376 Vote Soon; Voters Please Contact these Assemblymembers

We are getting close to the Vote on the Shark Fin Bill.  Please contact (and have others in these districts) contact members and respectfully ask that they vote yes on this legislation when it is heard on the Assembly Floor (any day now!). Many Assemblymembers are hearing from constituents and are solidly committed to voting yes – many more staff have indicated that their member would likely vote yes, but were still needing to confirm with their Assemblymember.  First number is telephone; second is FAX.  Area Code is 916

o   Achadjian (R) San Luis Obisbo        319-2033    319-2133                     probable yes

o   Alejo (D)          Watsonville               319-2028    319-2128                     Probable yes

o   Atkins (D)        San Diego                  319-2076    319-2176                     Probable yes

o   Block (D)         San Diego                  319-2078    319-2178                     Probable yes

o   Bonilla (D)       Concord                     319-2011     319-2111                      Probable yes

o   Brownley (D)   Woodland Hills         319-2041    319-2141                     Probable yes

o   Carter (D)        Rialto                         319-2062    319-2162                     Probable yes

o   Cedillo (D)       Los Angeles               319-2045    319-2145                     Probable yes

o   Conway (R)     Tulare                        319-2034    319-2134                     Probable yes

o   Cook (R)          Yucca Valley              319-2065    319-2165                     Probable yes

o   Dickinson (D)  Sacramento               319-2009    319-2109                    Probable yes

o   Donnelly (R)    Twin Peaks                319-2059    319-2159                     Probable yes

o   Feuer (D)         Los Angeles               319-2042    319-2142                     probable yes

o   Fuentes (D)     Sylamar                     319-2039    319-2139                     needs to hear from supporters/constituents

o   Furutani (D)    Lakewood                  319-2055    319-2155                     Probable yes

o   Galgiani (D)     Stockton                     319-2017     319-2117                     probable yes

o   Garrick (R)      San Diego                  319-2074    319-2174                     Probable yes

o   Gorell (R)        Camarillo                   319-2037    319-2137                     Probable yes

o   Grove (R)        Bakersfield                319-2032    319-2132                     Probable yes

o   Hagman (R)    Chino Hills                 319-2060    319-2160                    probable yes; wants to hear from consituents

o   Harkey (R)      Dana Point                 319-2073    319-2173                     Probable yes

o   Hayashi (D)     Hayward                    319-2018    319-2118                     Leaning yes

o   Huber (D)        El Dorado Hills          319-2010    319-2110                     Probable yes

o   Jeffries (R)      Lake Elsinore            319-2066    319-2166                    Staff Recommend yes

o   Logue (R)        Linda                          319-2003    319-2103                     Probable yes

o   Lowenthal (D) Long Beach               319-2054    319-2154                     probable yes

o   Mansoor (R)    Costa Mesa                319-2068    319-2168                    Probable yes

o   Mendoza (D)   Artesia                       319-2056    319-2156                     probable yes 

o   Miller (R)         Corona                       319-2071     319-2171                     Probable yes

o   Morrell (R)      Rancho Cucamonga 319-2063    319-2163                     Probable yes

o   Nestande (R)  Palm Desert              319-2064    319-2164                    Probable yes

o   Norby (R)        Fullerton                    319-2072    319-2172                     needs to hear from supporters/constituents

o   Perea (D)         Fresno                        319-2031     319-2131                     probable yes

o   Assembly Speaker Perez (D)LA        319-2046    319-2146                    probable yes

o   V. Manuel Perez (D)Coachella         319-2080    319-2180                    Probable yes

o   Portantino (D) La Canada                 319-2044    319-2144                    probable yes

o   Silva (R)          Huntington Beach    319-2067    319-2167                     probable yes

o   Skinner (D)     Berkeley                     319-2014    319-2114                     probable yes

o   Smyth (R)        Santa Clarita             319-2038    319-2138                     probable yes

o   Swanson (D)   Alameda                    319-2016    319-2116                     Staff recommending yes vote; needs to hear from constituents

o   Torres (D)        Pomona                     319-2061    319-2161                     Probable yes

o   Valadao (R)     Hanford                     319-2030    319-2130                     Probable yes