Chinese Speak Out for Sharks

Chinese Speak Out for Sharks

Shark Fins are in the news and it is a controversial topic pitting ecosystem and animal protection against cultural values.

Despite Dr. Giam Choo Hoo's denial that shark finning is a problem and the trade is not overfishing sharks, there is a global movement beginnning to appreciate the importance of sharks and stop the harmful shark fin trade.  Despite that Dr. Hoo participates on CITES and well knows that these agreements are international, non binding and subject to pressure from large powerful nations with fishing interests, he argues that only a few listed species of sharks are endangered because only a few are listed. Dr. Hoo's criticism of racism are as specious as his allegations that there are no other movements to protect species associated with other cultures or nations.  How about whaling in Antarctica and the Faroes, the Canadia Harp Seal hunt, Taijii dolphin massacres?  This circular reasoning and the fact that Dr. Hoo (A Veternarian, not a scientist)  is well known to be associated with the shark fin interests in Singapore reduce his credibility to that of his limited arguments.

Chinese all over the world, including China are now speaking up for sharks.  Lets take this agrument away from the people profting and stand up for sharks for all cultures, before its too late.

New York, Texas, Illinois, Maryland and Florida are joining in the effort to limit the trade and stop selling the blood diamonds of the sea. 

From our partner the Humane Society US.

Please find attached, the PDFs of the New York Times print story and final press release – linkable online version here.

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Chinese media – The World Journal and China Press stories were distributed internationally on major Chinese media wires including the state-owned Xinhua news wire and Sina Weibo news site. Here are links to some of the primary coverage. The Sinovision TV story and Chinese radio stories are not available online.

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