Take the Pledge Protecting Ocean Predators

Scientists estimate that 90% of many pelagic species have been fished out in the last 50 years.

At the current rate we will have fished out all the large beneficial species by 2048.

If you have ever dived with a shark as it slides through the sea, watched a swordfish flare its dorsal and feed, or experienced a wild Bluefin tuna the size of a Volkswagen swim past, then you realize how beautiful and how important these fish are in there own right.  Not just sushi, not just a swordfish steak, not just a fin in a bowl of soup. Perfectly adapted to the marine world as apex predators, these ocean animals are important components of a healthy ocean.  Top predators are also getting contaminated through accumulating toxins like mercury and organic pollutants.  Some fish are just not health to eat anymore and this includes sharks, swordfish and most tuna.

We need to think of these animals as benefitting humans alive and not just at the end of a hook.  Its time we appreciate ocean predators and work to protect them. 

Take the pledge to Protect Ocean Predators.  Please take the pledge to keep these animals alive for the health of the oceans and the health of humans.


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