Take Action in Support of the California Shark Fin Bill AB 376

The Shark Fin Bill will reduce demand for fins and will help enforcement in our ports.  The Bill has passed the Assembly and Senate Committees and is going to the full Senate next week. We Must Act Today!

Please support this bill by calling or sending letters or emails to:

1.  California residents: Send a letter or email of support to your Senator his week.  Find your Senator, here.

2. Call Your Senator Talking Points Below.

Every year tens of millions of sharks are killed for their fins for shark fin soup.
Shark finning is driving the near collapse of shark populations worldwide.
Current federal and California laws banning shark finning do not stop the shark fin trade.
California is the largest consumer of shark fin outside of Asia.
Thousands of shark fins enter California each year from countries like Ecuador, Costa Rica and Mexico where illegal finning occurs.
Prohibiting the sale of fins will protect shark populations by reducing the demand.
Sharks are important for ocean health.
AB 376 Protects sharks and benefits the health of the ocean and humanity who rely on the ocean.  
Join Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and many Pacific Island Nations to Ban shark fins.

Please support AB 376.

Here is a sample email or letter. Please personalize it:

Subject: In support AB 376 Related to Shark Fins

Dear Senator

As an advocate for the health of our oceans and planet, I respectfully submit this testimony in support of AB 376. Sharks are vital to maintaining balance in our oceans, and the unsustainable trade in shark fins is driving many shark species to the brink of extinction. Up to 73 million sharks are killed annually, mostly for their fins to be used in shark fin soup.  Scientists inform me that there are no sustainable fisheries able to support a finning industry.  This is an ecological argument, not a cultural attack.

California now has the opportunity to take a stand against the destruction of the ocean and this species. Please vote in support of AB 376. The world and future generations will thank you.

Best Regards,


Thanks for taking a stand and participating in this historic legislation in California.  Lets take it to the world ocean!